Monday, January 21, 2013

Startup Stagnance

As I read through the typical startup websites such as Tech Crunch, MSNBC Future Tech, KickStartr, etc.. I am finding the the majority of startups are doing the exact same thing. They are doing some sort of social networking, picture manipulation app, microblogging etc... While some are doing some relatively cool things, it seems its flooding an already saturated market. Even the resurgence of MySpace with the help of Justin Timberlake looks like a long shot. The more I read, the more these startups all sound the same with little or no novelty.

I believe startups would have an edge if they addressed the real world issues that bother people or at a minimum tried something different or address a real need. Yes while networking is important there are already so many avenues to handle that. Off the top of my head, I believe that if startups were to concentrate in the following areas, they could really capitalize on creating emerging technology:

  • HealthCare - 
    • Organizing systems for healthcare professionals and patients to use. Organizing information can be overwhelming for hospitals.
    • Having access to all of your medical records on demand
    • Stream Lined  Prescription Process
  • Home Automation:
    • Many people are trying their hands in home automation. It would be great to have a single platform to rule them all or some kind of standardization for each to adhere to.
    • Have an affordable and practical way my home can be merged into a smart home, OR setting the ground work for new homes to become smart homes. 
    • Also using techniques to reduce energy consumption/bills at home
  • Education:
    • Similar to paperwork at hospitals and medical institutions, educational institutions can also face the same organizational problem with paperwork.
Where do you see a big need for innovation? Where should startups concentrate on?